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4054Camo Cargo Track Pants · Organic Cotton Poplin

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Camo track pants in DPM: Experimental Tigerstripe are cut to a tapered fit and feature an engineered leg shape for full knee articulation, M51 style cargo pockets and an elastic drawcord waist and hems for fit adjustability. 

  • DPM: Experimental Tigerstripe
  • Vintage stonewashed
  • Adjustable drawcord waist and Snocord hems
  • Preformed leg for knee articulation
  • Cool wash, no bleach, cool iron, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry

Maharishi precisely reproduce the pre-1959 Experimental Tigerstripe disruptive pattern, which formed the basis for all later Tigerstripe variants produced in Vietnam. Not surprising, given the French occupation of Vietnam for nearly 100 years, the pattern is clearly based on the French Lizard pattern of the French Indo-China era.

Cotton Poplin · 100% Cotton

1960’s era U.S. Army cotton poplin, reproduced exclusively for Maharishi. This lightweight cloth was introduced when the U.S. were invited to advise in Vietnam, and required a lighter cloth suitable for tropical conditions.

Shown with 8012 Hemp Sweatshirt Kimono

Model is 6'1 with a 30" waist and wears an L

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Autumn / Winter 2022

Pre Picasso, Cubism and the forced conscription of artists who formed the first camouflage divisions, not required until the then recent development of effective long range weaponry, the concept of an abstract rendition of nature was not conceived of. Camouflage has its roots firmly in nature and art.

Experimental flight suits and jackets are also explored alongside a precise reproduction of the very early and rare pre-1959 version of Vietnamese Tigerstripe camouflage.

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